I was offered to become a successful casino streamer

Just received a very interesting offer of cooperation from a certain "Ivan":

Ivan:Hi. Today I saw your channel and the fact that you stream the casino. I can raise the number of viewers on the broadcast, raise the rating on your topic, bring it to the recommended ones. In general, everything to attract people to your affiliate programs. If interested, write

Me:Hi. You understand what's going on here. YouTube channel is purely my little experiment. I asked myself some questions and answered them. As it turned out, streaming is interesting, but playing slots is not my thing. I'm not interested at all, but I don't hide it. So my streams will be very rare. There will be vids if there are topics ... I’m honest, how can you help me)) YouTube itself does a good job with this, subscribers are still subscribing Well, let's suggest What will you do, specifically What do you want for this

Ivan:Well, the experiment is not an experiment, but you can get normal money from this. As I said, I can attract viewers to the broadcast. How will I do it? I don’t know how it will sound for you, but I have software that will bring your broadcast to the top on YouTube and attract viewers. If you're not interested, no problem. You are not the first, you are not the last. If you are interested, I am open for dialogue

Me:I'm not interested. Start broadcasting yourself and get normal money yourself. Good luck

Or maybe he refused? Becoming a successful casino streamer and making money is so easy, it turns out...

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